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Tea Party fall begins when elected

Palin loads up Tea Party
Palin loads up Tea Party
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  • xexon 5 years ago

    As much as we need a viable third party in this country, this ain't it.

    The Tea Party is owned. Owned by the same people who brought you the neocons.

    They're going to wave flags and bibles to get your attention, and then shut you out of your own government.

    The control over which has been questionable for decades now.

    Who really runs America?

    Hint. They were never elected to office. In fact, voting has no effect on their power in this country at all. They've owned every president you've ever been "allowed" to vote on.

    Anybody who thinks this Tea Party and their presidential contender is going to turn Washington on it's ear is living a lie.


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Some in the The Tea Party seem also to claim they do not want power but a revision of culture and a return to simpler ways. Their "normal" is the white post war 50's, which they do not understand as the period of American global reach and economic expansion. Their simplistic 50's would get rocked off its white pedestal by the 60's.

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