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Tea Party continues to win the hearts and minds of the youth

Town Criers in historic St Augustine, Florida on 2-14-14 Republican, Millennial Generation, Generation Y, Democrats, Liberty Movement
Town Criers in historic St Augustine, Florida on 2-14-14 Republican, Millennial Generation, Generation Y, Democrats, Liberty Movement
TCC Staff

It’s not just the old folks anymore

Town Crier's stalker
TCC Staff

Those who lived through and fought the Cold War, those who lived under the tyranny of communism in Cuba and elsewhere, immediately embrace The Big Red Sign which states, “Obama is a Communist”. “Those who have been involved in the Tea Party movement, know that Barack Hussein Obama is a Communist,” according to the Town Criers . On Valentine’s Day, the Town Criers took to the streets for 115th time and they carried The Big Red Sign. The Town Crier Committee is a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. They have been sounding the alarm in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for just under three years. See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013, at

Last week the Town Criers introduced a sign which simply says, "Hillary for Prison Benghazi". The sign received widespread support. “The Big Red Sign”, which has been the most popular sign to date, was introduced in May of 2012. Today the Town Criers displayed both signs. The Big Red Sign was, and is, the overwhelming choice of the public.

Obama is losing the young people

Since the introduction of Obama care, at the beginning of the year, there has been a continual and steady move toward the Tea Party values on the part of the younger generation. Today was no exception. “We believe that the burden placed on the youth by Obama care, the failure of Obama’s policies regarding job creation and the realization that Obama’s war policies differ little from previous administrations, account for this change. Clearly, the young people are identifying with the Tea Party on a level that we had not observed in the first four years of Obama’s occupation of the White House,” a Town Crier commented. Many were connected to the “Occupy Movement” of two years ago. When the movement failed to represent the 99% it claimed to, young people lost interest. The Tea Parties stayed clear of the Occupiers and rejected the Occupier’s Communist and Anarchist roots. But the Tea Party welcomes the youth back to liberty values.

The stalker returns

There, however, always seems to be an exception to the rule. A young man, who has attempted to disrupt the Town Crier’s activities in the past, and who had claimed to be an “Occupier Supporter”, re-surfaced again on this outing. The Town Crier’s first encounter with this young man was on the 4th of July, 2013. See On that occasion, the man was wearing white and black stripes, as shown in the picture collage to the left. He stalked the Criers for several hours. The second encounter was at Congressman DeSantis' town hall meeting, on August 22, 2014. The man in question showed up with a Mao Zedong T-shirt. Two senior veterans took issue with the T-shirt and an altercation took place. It was reported that the two older gentlemen had to help the young man up after he fell down. See Today, the same man stalked the Criers and tried to interrupt their activities. The Town Criers did not report his stalking activity, as it is actually useful to have him present. His obnoxious behavior causes the public to reject leftist ideas and, instead, to stand with the Tea Party. It must be disillusioning to this man to witness so much support for the Tea Party. He says, “You’re destroying the Country.”[Popular leftist’s talking point] “No son, we are not destroying the Country. We are going to destroy 100 years of progressive lies and restore our Constitution. It’s about Liberty, and we are not going to go away,” a Town Crier said.