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Tea Party Candidate Announces Run for MA Governor

It seems the Massachusetts gubernatorial race is going to be a good one as another republican has announced he will be running for the office in the November 2014 election. Mark Fisher of Shrewsbury, a local businessperson with no previous political experience is the first candidate since the inception of the Tea Party movement to actually claim he is a member of the organization. Until now it seems most republicans have tried to distance themselves from the movement. We certainly applaud him for that and he has earned at least one potential vote here.

For too long in Massachusetts the establishment state republican party has been backing and supporting candidates who can best be described as RINO’s who don’t truly believe in conservatism. The latest such candidate was Gabriel Gomez who the state party was all in a tizzy about in the special election for the senate seat vacated by the retirement of John Kerry. Sorry, he didn’t really retire, he moved to another position in the Obama regime. Gomez spent more time talking about how he didn’t was't like the other republicans and attacked them, instead of going after the democratic candidate, Ed Markey, and lost accordingly. And so far it appears they may be doing the same backing Charlie Baker for a second chance at the governor’s office.

In an open letter sent to Massachusetts residents Fisher says all the things one would expect a true conservative republican to say, welfare and EBT reform, stopping the exodus of companies leaving to more business friendly environments, stopping illegal immigration and rolling back the sales tax and income tax, as was voted on by residents in the past but never done. And as of this writing, it appears Fisher will wisely stay away from social issues, something which always seems to sink republican candidates.

While it is really too early in the race to predict what will happen, it is good to see other candidates running for the republican nomination. If nothing else this should stir up some good debate making the eventual nominee stronger in the general election. It may also serve to prove to the establishment a true conservative is wanted and needed in this state. There should also be some interesting races for the state legislature as well, a place where true conservatives have already shown they can win.

Massachusetts, the home of the original tea party, where colonials threw English tea into the Boston Harbor in protest to the British government has a strong tea party movement. If Fisher can capitalize on this, as we mentioned he isn't afraid to say he is a member, he just might have a chance. He will need to be ready for the vicious and vile attacks which are sure to come his way from those afraid of what the tea party stands for and if he can, he has a chance.

He can win if enough republicans decide to be republicans and vote for him. He has his work cut out for him, we can only hope he is up to the task since no matter who the republican nominee is they will have to run against a well-funded democrat and an equally well-funded “Independent” aka Democrat shill, maybe someone like Gabriel Gomez?

Fisher’s Letter

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