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Tea Party Bolsters McDaniel Mississippi Senate Battle Against RINO Cochran!

Tea Party Bolsters McDaniel Mississippi Senate Battle Against RINO Cochran!
Tea Party Bolsters McDaniel Mississippi Senate Battle Against RINO Cochran!
photo credit - Melanie Tipton

Tuesday is D-Day in Mississippi as the battle over the future of American conservatism is being waged in a David vs. Goliath political ballot box battle between Tea Party backed Chris McDaniel and RINO establishment favorite Thad Cochran. Right here and right now the course of history may be etched as clearly as it was when the founding fathers gathered to determine the true course of a free and God directed nation.

This past weekend reflected the dynamic Goliath establishment forces that were at play against McDaniel and his avid conservative supporters from the Conservative Campaign Committee and the Tea Party Express. Cochran brought in a heavyweight RINO in the form of Senator John McCain of Arizona. Senator McCain attempted to pitch Cochran as the second coming of a noble warrior when he spoke at the Mississippi War Memorial Building according to the New York Times.

But what the establishment-based senator forgot to mention was Cochran’s slashing attacks upon good Christian Americans from the Tea Party and other conservative groups. He forget to mention that it was in fact Cochran’s outreach to liberals and others who are willing to keep the liberal-minded senator doing their behest in office in order to continue his practices.

But, on that same weekend there was a stark contrast being played out in the same Biloxi, Mississippi area by the McDaniel campaign. With that conservative ‘person of and for the people’ rally there was a refreshing breeze of warmness and sincerity that pointed toward a return to principles and values Americans once held close to their heart.

Conservative Campaign Committee Chairman Lloyd Marcus reflected about it in his poignant enlightening piece, when he said, “Locals shared story after story with me about the good-ole-boy-network being used to lord over, abuse and bully the people and businesses. Clearly, the local mantra is “Enough with the good-ole-boy-network! It is time for change!

Time for a change was exactly what occurred earlier in the month when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was shown the exit door by Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Brat, who also was facing probably the Goliath of Goliaths in defeating the dethroned House leader from Virginia. It was clearly the Conservative Campaign Committee and the Tea Party Express that not only helped to make the difference between Brat’s victory and Cantor’s defeat, but showed the nation that people of conservative purpose and abiding in deep faith can overwhelm the powerful and the entrenched.

It is a lesson as old as the Bible and is as recent as the lessons of Ronald Reagan who defeated the liberal pundits and mainstream of even the Republican Party when he outlined a vision of an America of hope of conservative values and one based upon biblical foundation. Reagan be the naysayers and awoke the sleeping giant of conservatism. With Reaganomics, he rallied individuals, families and even the business community to a cause that was uniquely American. It worked.

That is why McDaniel’s race and winning result is so crucial, because the liberals and the RINO’s who support Cochran do not want the Tea Party to have another David vs. Goliath win. They do not want the message to get out in the homes, the cities, and the farms in the nation’s Heartland that a new rebirth of Reaganomic values is just around the bend, which one warrior patriot, Melanie Tipton believes and stands for.

Over 250,000 viewers have embraced the message of Melanie Tipton, an award winning sports reporter, who, with her documentary, focuses on the vitality and unassailable spirit of Ronald Reagan, which is being held high by the Tea Party nation. Tipton embraces the belief that there is hope of not just what can be accomplished in the voting booth, but what can also be achieved in every single American home. It is the American Dream and the vision that Ronald Reagan created and helped bring forth, that is amazingly reflected in her a documentary called “Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville Documentary.”

Tipton’s exciting documentary is sponsored by The Conservative Campaign Committee / 1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama and is the direct opposite of liberal Michael Moore's propaganda film war on Capitalism. Her documentary promo which has gone viral, like the documentary, promotes the greatness of America. She shows this greatness, as seen through the eyes of regular Americans and small business owners who support capitalism and its immeasurable virtues.

RINOs like Cochran and McCain and Cantor have worked to put America to sleep and Tipton and other conservatives like the Conservative Campaign Committee and the Tea party Express work endlessly to wake up America. Mississippians are being given a wakeup call that must be answered tomorrow at every voting booth and polling place in the state.

In the words of the illustrious leader and Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee Lloyd Marcus, regarding Mississippi voters; “You deserve a refreshing change...a really, really good guy like Chris McDaniel.” He added in his piece, “So Vote Tuesday, June 24th for Chris McDaniel!” Be the difference for Mississippi and for America.


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