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Tea Party attracting Millennia age women Liberals are losing their base

Town Criers in historic St Augustine, FL on 3-22-14
Town Criers in historic St Augustine, FL on 3-22-14TCC Staff

Liberals are losing their base

Town Criers in historic St Augustine, FL on 3-22-14
Town Criers in historic St Augustine, FL on 3-22-14TCC Staff

Tea Party attracting Millennia age women

The Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), reports a growing trend in the political demographic. For some time now, Tea Party acceptance by the “Millennium Generation” has been growing. Interest in the Tea Party movement by women aged 50 and up, has always been substantial. Much of the Tea Party leadership consists of women. However, the Criers report that younger women are taking a look at Tea Party values. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at]

The Town Criers took to the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, where it engages a national audience, for the 120th time this weekend. It is estimated that 7500 people experienced their signs and flags. During their exposure, large numbers of photographs are taken by the public. The Criers take sample pictures of those who interact with them. The photographs reveal that the majority of participants were of millennial age and that female participation exceeded the male and elderly participation combined.

On “Meet the Press”, during the interview by Andrea Mitchell with Jimmy Carter, Carter expressed the view that the number one civil rights issue in the world is the abuse of women’s rights. However, the left is very selective in distinguishing between which women they will defend. If a woman is a Conservative, such as Sarah Palin for example, they get crucified. Gender baiting has been the drumbeat of the progressives, also known as Communists, since their emergence. Obama wooed, black and white, old and young women in both presidential campaigns. It has been reported that young women voted in high percentages for Obama’s perks, like Affordable Health Care. They were major supporters in the Obama elections.

“However, now the ‘will you still love me tomorrow’ disappointment has dawned on the younger women. They now know that they have been betrayed. It has dawned on them that the promise of a better life under Obama Care was a lie. Now, they have skin in the game and Obama Care is a heart-breaking reality,” a Town Crier spokesman said. One young woman who walked with the Town Criers on their way to St. George Street said, “I lost insurance benefits with my new Obama plan. He lied to me”. Asked if she wanted to have her picture taken and put in this article, she said, “No,” out of fear of retribution. “It is getting to be more like the old Soviet Union where people were afraid to speak openly about the Dictator,” a Crier stated. The woman pictured on the left were not afraid.

“It seems that young women are changing their minds as Obama’s Marxist policies start hitting home, in the pocket-books, of these young ladies. They were deceived by his promises. They were lied to and they are angry”, said Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman.

Yet, the propaganda beat goes on to win back the love of these young women with more promises from the far left female propagandists. The new drum beat on MSNBC this weekend is “equal pay”. “Forgotten, is the absolute failure of the Obama Care nightmare. These Millennial women were jilted by the slick tongued misogynist in the Oval Office. Now, again, he has a new approach; a new con job. MSNBC is his faithful mistress,” Heimbold concluded.