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Tea Party answers to a higher calling

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On August 16, 2014, the Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Town Crier Committee, again, took to the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. It is simply amazing to see the public’s reaction to the Tea Party presence. Bill O’Reilly’s TV program “The Factor” often takes to the streets. The Factor engages the public on a national basis, by sending Jesse Watters around the country. The Town Criers of St. Augustine, Fl. need not travel, as a national audience comes to St Augustine each day. Jesse Watters’ seems to always find extremely uninformed people to interview in his Watters’ World segment. The Town Criers report that the people they engage are very well informed. “Perhaps the O’Reilly show finds that ratings are higher when they exploit uninformed people. Our committee is not ratings driven. We answer to a higher calling……seeking the Truth. The public we meet tend to be very well informed,” a Town Crier spokesman said.

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The Town Criers see the real world, not the media world

“When the Republicans controlled the Saint Augustine Tea Party the leadership was always terrified of what the Town Criers might say or do,” a Tea Party member recalled. “We were expected to be Republicans, not the Tea Party.” The Town Criers were reminded of this when a man, pictured left, announced that he was a Republican. He had difficulty selecting from the politically incorrect signs. It seems Republicans are always afraid of public confrontation. He chose the least offensive.

Silent majority silent no more

Back in the Nixon years, the Conservative majority was referred to as a silent majority. With the Progressive’s current full assault on Liberty, Conservatives can no longer afford that luxury. So when a leftist today announced that he hated the Tea Party, the Criers declared, “You are a Marxist!” He responded with, “It would be a better world.” This engaged a litany that started with, “Liberals lie, they lie about who they are and what their agenda really is.” With another Crier, they stated in unison, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” This was all done so that the public presence could hear the exchange. The Marxist ran off and the public clearly supported the Tea Party’s effort. “The Tea Party answers to a higher calling. Resistance is exposing the progressive lie where ever it appears . Time to stand up, America.” a Tea Party member concluded.