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Tea Party affiliated, 'Common Sense Campaign' on AL. 105 race

Sessions spoke of his vote and support through the years of democrat Ron Sparks
Sessions spoke of his vote and support through the years of democrat Ron Sparks

In it's news letter, which came out March 11th, Common Sense Campaign published a review of how candidates at a forum they sponsored performed. Common Sense Campaign is a Tea Party organization based in Mobile, Alabama. The group describes itself as a grassroots political organization with the goal of restoring a, "Constitutional Republic 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.'"

The forum took place February 26th at the Fowl River Area Community Center and featured four candidates for Alabama House District 105, a seat vacated when Rep. Spencer Collier (R-Grand Bay) left to head up Homeland Security in Alabama. The election, which is March 22nd, is actually a Republican Primary, although one of the candidates, Bill Atkinson will represent the Alabama Constitution Party in the general election later this spring.

In it's review, the Tea Party group focused on the issue of RINO's in Republican primaries. When ask to reveal for whom they voted in the last Gubernatorial race, the 100 or so people in attendance where taken aback when candidate David Sessions, a peanut farmer from Grand Bay, said he proudly voted for Ron Sparks, the democrat. Sessions explained that Sparks was a close friend of the family, and he had been a supporter of Sparks for many years.

In it's review CSC said, "While his explanation is understandable on one level, it does raise a question about loyalty to the Republican Party, which was a reason one candidate (Scott Buzbee) withdrew from this race. Mr. Buzbee had run as a democrat against Republican Senator Ben Brooks in November 2010." Sen. Brooks was considered "Tea Party" before Tea Party was cool.

The review also noted Sessions' opposition to charter schools, "David Sessions at first did not fully grasp what Charter Schools were, but when it was explained, was opposed." Former school board member, Bill Meredith, the review pointed out did oppose the last charter school's bill that was introduced in the state legislature.

The other big issue for the Common Sense Campaign was where the bulk of the campaign contributions came from for each candidate. The review stated dubiously, "Once again, the only answer that raised eyebrows was when Mr. Sessions claimed that Alabama Farmers Federation and ALFA Insurance are not one and the same." The bulk of Sessions' campaign support come from Alfa. The Tea Party group posited, "Why does this matter? It matters because insurance reform is a top issue in this race and ALFA was a huge obstacle to insurance reforms introduced by Senator Ben Brooks last year."