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Tea Partiers call for inclusion of social issues in movement


  • Tippy 5 years ago

    This woman is a crazy nut who shouldn't be allowed to write about something as glorious as America and as beautiful as the Tea Partiers. Shame!

  • BuzzKill 5 years ago

    Well, I can't say she hasn't got the right to speak her peace. That said, she hasn't got much worth saying; all she managed to do - in so many words - was to make clear that she really doesn't like what Trey has to say. When she starts saying things like "so-called" and "claimed", she belies her willingness to remain ignorant; research is an easy thing to do, and just a little research would have shown her that Trey is most certainly NOT talking out his exhaust port.

    Perhaps a series of links being sent to her showing the sources of his information - this might shut her up. No promises, of course - but it might.

    Civil liberties are nothing more than state-granted rights. Anyone who understands rights, understands that the grantor of the rights may take them away. Unalienable rights are unalienable because men may not take them away; civil rights are revocable by the state, because they are granted by the state. As such, they are little more than privileges - gotten when earned, and held as long as the state is not displeased with the holder's conduct.

    And where, O where, does the state get its power?


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