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Tea Partiers call for inclusion of social issues in movement

While the stated purpose of the Tea Parties was fiscal reform, the push to include social reform has been growing since the beginning of the movement. This is most visible in the areas of immigration, education, and civil rights. Tea Partiers have often called for the repeal of constitutional amendments other than the first 10, the Bill of Rights. This would effectively wipe out protections of civil liberties for large groups of people, including immigrants and people of color.

Today, on Hot Tea Radio, Trey Roberts of The Rock World Wide Show expounded on the need for the Tea Party to begin focusing strongly on social issues, including education and homosexuality. He touted the “Christian Nation” line for three hours, excluding breaks. The breaks consisted of speeches by Ronald Reagan and warnings about communism. Roberts is obsessed with the idea that Communism with a big “C” has taken over the United States government. He read a list of so-called communist goals that he found in a book and claimed that a large number of them have already been met. Anyone with ideas that the Tea Party has nothing to do with religion needs to listen to this show. It can be found at Hot Tea Radio


  • Tippy 5 years ago

    This woman is a crazy nut who shouldn't be allowed to write about something as glorious as America and as beautiful as the Tea Partiers. Shame!

  • BuzzKill 4 years ago

    Well, I can't say she hasn't got the right to speak her peace. That said, she hasn't got much worth saying; all she managed to do - in so many words - was to make clear that she really doesn't like what Trey has to say. When she starts saying things like "so-called" and "claimed", she belies her willingness to remain ignorant; research is an easy thing to do, and just a little research would have shown her that Trey is most certainly NOT talking out his exhaust port.

    Perhaps a series of links being sent to her showing the sources of his information - this might shut her up. No promises, of course - but it might.

    Civil liberties are nothing more than state-granted rights. Anyone who understands rights, understands that the grantor of the rights may take them away. Unalienable rights are unalienable because men may not take them away; civil rights are revocable by the state, because they are granted by the state. As such, they are little more than privileges - gotten when earned, and held as long as the state is not displeased with the holder's conduct.

    And where, O where, does the state get its power?


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