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Tea Leoni: TV's 'Madam Secretary' brings actress to CBS

Tea Leoni returns to TV in Madam Secretary.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tea Leoni's return to TV is set. "Madam Secretary" is headed to CBS, and the actress will lead the cast. Fans of the actress have not seen much of her recent years. Her focus has been on fully raising her kids. The actress has two children with David Duchovny, who just left the cable television world as Hank Moody on "Californication." That series ended its run on Showtime in recent weeks. Newser reported on Leoni's return to television on July 17.

Leoni may have been quiet in the acting front in recent years, but there is no denying she is one of Hollywood's most talented actresses. This will lift the veil on the state department. It is stated that Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearings inspired this new CBS drama, and there is someone huge behind the series. Another big Hollywood name is in the role of executive producer for this series.

Morgan Freeman is that big Hollywood name, and he showed up at the TCA's on Thursday to help promote the series. His appearance caused the press in attendance to ask if he would appear in front of the camera on the series, and he did not say no that question. He said the following, according to Buzz Sugar:

"One never knows, do one? Whether or not I show up is going to depend on the opera, and what the idea that comes up is."

In previous roles, Freeman has taken on the world of Washington D.C. He has appeared as the President of the United States even, so he could step into that role again. That would show that CBS is once again able to pull in the big names from Hollywood for shows on the small screen. Currently, Halle Berry is making her television debut in "Extant."

As for Leoni's return to television, the actress starred in "The Naked Truth" for three seasons in the 1990s. The series appeared on television back during her "Deep Impact" days. She played a television reporter in that big screen release. Leoni knew that taking on a new television role would mean time spent away from home. She left the television world before her first child was born, so she turned to her 12-year-old son to ask his permission before saying yes to the series. She said the following at the CBS TCA event on Thursday:

"I turned to my 12-year-old son and I said, 'It's going to be a little tricky. I'm not going to be around as much. Are you cool with that?' He said, 'Yeah, I was getting kind of sick of you.' So I'm back."

Tim Daly will appear as Leoni's husband on the small screen, and the series does have the support of one former Secretary of State. Madeline Albright met with Leoni and Daly to offer her insights into the job for the series. Barbara Hall, the creator of the CBS series, said that Albright is "very eager to weigh in and help us."

This new series will premiere this fall, and it will air on Sunday nights on CBS. What do you think? Will you tune in to see Tea Leoni take on Washington?

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