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Tea and Crumpets? No, no - Tea and Cupcakes!!

Entrance of The Steeping Room
Entrance of The Steeping Room
JB Photography

If you are out browsing through the shops of The Domain, or remotely close to North Austin, it is a highly suggestible idea to stop in at The Steeping Room. This quaint specialty tea shop also hosts a restaurant and lounge with indoor, as well as outdoor seating. While they are known for the abundant choices of tea flavors, they also have delicious food choices. The menu truly has something for everyone, including vegan and gluten free options. Once you’ve sipped down your favorite flavor of tea and had a bite to eat, make sure you have saved room for a cupcake… These aren’t just any cupcakes – they are the best in town! Described by the Austin Chronicle as “moist, tender, and in every way superior,” one must be sampled, even if it means having your server send it with you in a to-go box. If you can’t seem to make up your mind on which cupcake to choose - take the carrot cake, you won’t regret it. After a great cup of tea, a tasty meal, and an amazing dessert you’ll be sure to return to this little gem in the heart of The Domain. Don’t forget that The Steeping Room is also a tea shop, so you have the option of picking up a bag of a new favorite tea flavor or even a cute little teapot on your way out. For more information on The Steeping Room, including a menu and directions, click here.