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TD Garden: Over 80 people injured, dozens hospitalized at Avicii concert

Dozens were injured at a TD Garden concert on Wednesday night.
Dozens were injured at a TD Garden concert on Wednesday night.

Over three dozen people were injured enough for hospitalization and at least four dozen more receiving minor injuries at a concert at the TD Garden on the evening of Wednesday, June 25, 2014. According to CBS Boston, most of the injuries appeared to be from alcohol and drug use which ended up leading to a host of other problems between those in the arena.

It has been said that 36-38 people were taken to local hospitals for injuries that were a bit more serious and couldn't be treated on the scene. Close to 50 more people were treated by medical staff that was on hand at the TD Garden.

The Boston Globe reported that many of those taken to the hospital were minors.

Some other causes of the injuries were said to come from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

There have been no reports of fatalities from the incident at the TD Garden, but there were said to be at least seven ambulances on the scene to treat those wounded. A Boston EMS trailer was also at the arena to help with others.

Police on the scene were said to have to get physical with at least one male concert-goer who was "taken down" by authorities.

One concert-goer said that she saw a number of people at the TD Garden in need of medical attention. The person stated that numerous people were on the ground in a lot of the seating areas and around the concession stands.

Avicii is a DJ specializing in electronic dance concerts and the scene was said to to be quite wild and out of control at times.

This is not the first time that multiple injuries have been reported at an Avicii concert. Last month, the Toronto Star reported of 29 people sent to the hospital due to illnesses that were related to drugs and alcohol.

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