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TCW show to feature 'angry' Tracy Smothers

Though the feud between TCW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Hunter and the somewhat self-absorbed Jeff Lewis Neal has been brewing for some time their upcoming match on April 5, 2014 at the Riceville Community Center in Asheville, NC now adds another component, a very angry former WWE/ECW star Tracy Smothers.

Tracy Smothers
WrestleStuff Inc.

On March 1, 2014 Hunter and Lewis-Neal were scheduled to go one-on-one for the TCW Heavyweight Championship when J.R. Reynolds took valet and reported love interest of Hunter, Ginger Wilde "hostage" prompting not only a fan to come forward to try and intervene but also brought out former wrestler and TV star Ric Savage to back Hunter and rescue Wilde. The match was quickly turned into a tag team match by match maker Scotty Black and the hard fought battle was eventually won by Hunter and Savage.

As Hunter and Lewis-Neal have traded barbs across social media, at other wrestling events and most recently on "WrestleStuff Radio" another player has been drawn into this melee, none other than Tracy Smothers. Hunter reached out to Smothers for his help in dealing with Lewis-Neal and Reynolds and Smothers was eager to help but things went sour quickly.

As Lewis-Neal and Reynolds baited Smothers by calling him "old," "grandpa," and "pawpaw" Smothers began, well, smoldering with anger.

"I'm going to teach these young punks a lesson they damn well will never forget. I'm not playing, this is no game, you do not call me old, you do not call me grandpa and think it's funny. I'm going to put my boot up Jeff Lewis Neal's ass and I'll slap the tattoos off that other little punk," Smothers said.

Smothers called in to "WrestleStuff Radio" on Sunday night during which Hunter and Lewis-Neal were bickering back and forth about their history, the upcoming match and Lewis-Neal bragging about his heritage (claiming to be cut from the same cloth as Strangler Lewis) and though Lewis-Neal would try to back peddle some after hearing the anger in Smother's voice, Smothers would not listen.

"I promised to help Ryan Hunter whip these two jackasses but after what they have been saying, Ryan may just be scraping up what is left after I am through with them. This may never get into the ring, I am going to kick their ass all over the arena," Smothers yelled before hanging up.

Hunter and Reynolds have both been cleared to return to the ring after a brutal match on March 15, 2014 in Fairview, NC at the TCW debut show there that also featured The Rock&Roll Express and The Barbarian. At the conclusion of their match Reynolds speared Hunter through the guardrail injuring both in the process. Hunter suffered a mild concussion from which he has recovered while Reynolds was taken to the emergency room and was found to have injured several ribs as well as suffering head trauma. According to Lewis-Neal, who has been in contact with Reynolds, he will be 100% ready for their upcoming match with Hunter and Smothers.

The show will also mark the return of Evil Inc. as well as "Flying" Ryan Chaos and will feature Abel Adams, SuperLaw, Father Darkness (who has been having words of late with TCW staff photographer Dr. Jerry Wiseman) and more.

Saturday, April 5, 2014 in Asheville, NC at the Riceville Community Center, professional wrestling may never be the same.

"I damn sure know Jeff Lewis Neal and J.R. Reynolds won't be," Smothers said.

You can find out more about TCW wrestling by going here.

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