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TCW brings 'old school' wrestling to Asheville

Rock&Roll Express
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Tri-State Championship Wrestling celebrated their first anniversary on Saturday with a show that made several statements, among them that TCW will be around for some time to come, that old school wrestling can still draw a sell-out crowd and that the Rock & Roll Express can still "bring it" in the ring.

A standing room only crowd at the Riceville Community Center in Asheville, NC were very receptive and responsive all night for a show that was solid and entertaining.

"I love TCW," one fan said. "They bring good wrestling and it's a lot of fun plus I got to see The Rock & Roll Express, my heroes."

Promoter Tim Tolar is proud of his eclectic group of wrestlers and rightfully so saying "the people come out here to see them (the wrestlers) and it's because of them (the fans) that we are still here."

Former wrestler Scotty Black plays a dual role for TCW as both the ring announcer and working backstage helping with the matches, making sure everyone knows when they are to go on and how "hot" the crowd is. As ring announcer Black often makes fun of the wrestlers the fans love to hate which would normally see any normal ring announcer get knocked out (and rightfully so) but with Black being a former wrestler and still popular with the fans, it works.

The Rock & Roll Express, subject of a documentary project by filmmaker Michael Elliot, showed they can still work circles around a lot of today's talent in the ring and that they are still as popular with the fans as they ever were.

As part of the main event with Chrisifix against Abel Adams/Joshua Cutshall/Exodus the Rock & Roll Express had the crowd on their feet. Former wrestler and A&E television star Ric Savage, making a special appearance on the show, ran in and hit a brutal sidewalk slam on Adams to help Chrisifix and the Rock & Roll Express get the victory.

Although the show was a solid venture one match stood out as an almost "one of these things is not like the others" portion of the show. David Lee Rock and Micky Richards did not mesh well in the ring and it showed with a number of mistakes and missed or blown "spots" and the match took the wind out of the crowd but only briefly as The Grimwells, one of the most popular "hillbilly" groups in North Carolina came out and the crowd quickly forgot the Rock and Richards match.

Though The Grimwells would end up losing to the Army of Darkness the fans were solidly behind them which seems to be the case wherever they go.

TCW will be expanding to Fairview, NC starting on February 15, 2015 at the Fairview Community Center. TCW will now be in Riceville the first Saturday of every month and in Fairview the third Saturday of every month. You can keep up with all things TCW by visiting them here.

Other matches included Tracer X becoming the new TCW Light Heavyweight Champion by beating newcomer Jeremy Foster and champion Ryan Conn in a three-way match. TJ Kincaid/Superlaw defeated A.D.D. by DQ, JR Reynolds defeated Ryan Hunter by questionable means in a match that would see Reynolds have to leave TCW forever had he lost. By virtue of having defeated Hunter, Reynolds is now locked into a "lifetime contract" with TCW.

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