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TCM airing movies with the number 13 for Friday the 13th

TCM is taking a fun twist to its programming on Friday, they are honoring Friday the 13th. The classic movie station is airing movies with the number 13 in it. The event starts at 10:15c a.m. with a Irene Dunne and Myrna Loy movie "Thirteen Women."

Other movies that are airing are the following:

Peter Lawford and Dawn Addams starred in this 1952 mystery, it's about a jewel thief and a murderer who hates cops in 1890s London.

Robert Ryan, Thomas Gomez, Janis Carter, starred in this Robert Stevenson movie about communists that blackmail a shipping executive into spying for them.

Francis Ford Coppola's tale about a rich Irish family, that is being killed off one by one. The family has its own strange secrets. William Campbell, Mary Mitchell, Patrick Magee, and Ron Perry starred in this low-budget 60s horror film.

"13 Ghosts," is another low-budget horror film, this time it was William Castle who directed the movie. The movie is about a family that inherits a house that is like the title states, haunted by 13 ghosts. Charles Herbert, Rosemary DeCamp, Donald Woods, and Jeanne Baker starred in this 1960 ghost flick.

Ending the "Friday the 13th" mini-marathon is another William Castle movie. Instead of ghosts, Castle looks at spying and intrigue in this 1963 film, that is about the daughters of foreign diplomats and spying. Kathy Dunn, Joyce Taylor, Charlie Briggs, and Norma Varden starred in the movie.

So if you want to skip out on watching the usual "Friday the 13th" fare, it looks like TCM is offering up some good horror and mystery flicks. Remember this event starts this Friday (June 13) at 10:15 central with the movie, "Thirteen Women."

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