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TBS casts Mark-Paul Gosselaar in new comedy


Mark-Paul Gosselaar will co-star in TBS's Franklin & Bash

It looks like TBS is taking a few pages out of TNT's book, seeing as they have just cast Mark-Paul Gosselaar in yet another lawyer role.  Breckin Meyer (Road Trip) will join Gosselaar as the leads in TBS's new hour-long comedy pilot, Franklin & Bash

From Sony TV and writers Kevin Falls (The West Wing) and Bill Chais (Dirty Sexy Money), Bash centers on Steven Bash (Gosselaar) and Jared Franklin (Meyer), "street lawyers and long-time friends who, after taking down a white-shoe law firm in a high-profile case, are recruited by the firm's patriarch".  As THR writes, "Bash has an uncanny ability to connect with a jury and judge, and Franklin is bent on sticking it to the Man".  Hilarity then (apparently) ensues, giving the viewer a, hopefully, wholly different experience than when watching TNT's canceled lawyer drama, Raising the Bar.  As Mandi Bierly over at PopWatch comments, "It’s time [Gosselaar] lighten up and play a guy who doesn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders."

As any true Saved By the Bell fan can contest, it will be quite the thrill to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar take on another comedy role on television.  As an added plus, we'll now most likely get to see his oh-so-ruggedly-handsome smile light up billboards again while driving through downtown Atlanta.  Thank goodness Turner tends to recycle its favorite actors (coughNoahWylecough). 

For more info: AOL Television reports


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