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Taz Understates TNA's Issues

In reading my daily dose of dirtsheets, I came across an interesting article on TNA's state by Taz.

Taz, as you likely already know, is one half (most often) of TNA's broadcast team alongside Mike Tenay. He's never been one to hold back his opinions, and this past week he certainly made his presence felt when he went on Busted Open Radio (a SiriusXM show) and stated the following:

"I mean god, I’ve been here now five years and I’ve heard from where I came in, 'you’re going out of business, the place is going out of business, yadda yadda.' Ok yeah. Enough with that. They’re not going out of business. As long as you have a TV contract, you’re not going out of business. As long as you have a niche audience that you have with over a million people 52 weeks a year with original programming on world wide TV; you’re not going out of business. That’s for all you smart marks because you think you know everything and you really don’t. So that’s number one."

Here's the issue though - TV bolsters your presence, yes, but it doesn't prop up your league and guarantee revenue to meet all of your costs. Ask the World Hockey Association which had broadcasting until it's dying day.

Taz did note in the interview that 2013 was a rough year for the company, one in which TNA lost Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Mickie James and several other talents. Entering 2014, it has already lost Sting and there is question about the future of Kurt Angle.

Now Taz's point of view does come with experience. What killed ECW, where Taz was a fixture for so many years, was the loss of television, ironically, with Spike's predecessor, TNN; but at the same time financial mismanagement played big into the company's demise.

Ultimately, TNA's future is dependent on revenue generation beyond SpikeTV. It needs to have better drawing power on the road and perhaps scale back expenses further, i.e. cut bloated salaries and perhaps more of its already thinning roster. Revenue from merchandise, like a video game, would help as well.

There's no easy solution, but hopefully, for the sake of wrestling and sports entertainment, there will be some sort of saving grace ahead.

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