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Taylor Swift tells Selena Gomez to write and sing about Justin Bieber

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Could Selena Gomez's next big single be one that blasts her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber? Possibly, if she takes the advice of her long-time friend Taylor Swift. In Touch Weekly reported on Saturday, May 17, that Taylor has advised Selena to write and sing about Justin in order to really get over him.

Taylor and Selena have been friends for a long time so it wouldn't be surprising if Selena has confided in Taylor quite a bit over her on-and-off relationship with Justin. In response, Taylor has told Selena to do what she usually does when trying to get over a guy, which is to make a hit song out of it. "Taylor's been encouraging Selena to go write down her feelings and emotions, and record," said a source.

Taylor, known for her songwriting skills, may even help Selena out by writing and singing something with her. The source explained that it wouldn't be surprising if Taylor collaborated with Selena since Taylor has supported Selena throughout her ordeal with Justin. Selena may especially need Taylor's help since she's not known to be a particularly talented songwriter.

After spending quite a bit of time apart, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seemed to be getting back together after they were spotted dancing and hanging out together in mid-March. Justin even posted a Throwback Thursday photo of him and Selena to his Instagram account in late April, which seemed to suggest that he longed to get back to their old life together.

However, the reconciliation was soon over. Selena supposedly dumped Justin after spending time with him at Coachella in late April. She wants on to move on so bad that she has even reportedly refused to take his calls and blocked him from her phone, which in turn has caused him to act out even more. Perhaps now that Selena Gomez is no longer talking to Justin Bieber, she will take Taylor Swift's advice and churn out a break up revenge song?