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Taylor Swift spends time with Gracie Gold as plastic surgery rumors swirl

Taylor Swift posted a photo of her and Gracie Gold to her Instagram.
Taylor Swift posted a photo of her and Gracie Gold to her Instagram.
Taylor Swift via Instagram

Taylor Swift has had one of the most interesting years out of the major A-list celebrities. In addition to enjoying considerable professional success, the country superstar has also encountered her share of bad luck. Yet, it seems that her social life is as healthy as ever. According to an April 9 report by E! Online, the star was recently spotted spending time with Olympian Gracie Gold.

The news that the two stars were spending time together was announced on Swift’s Instagram account. In a post that featured a collage of images of the two superstars, Swift wrote a caption that announced what her and Gracie Gold had been doing that day. It seems that Taylor Swift enjoys cooking.

First we baked a bunch of cookies and then we made faces” -Taylor Swift via Instagram

It is good to see that Taylor Swift is taking time to enjoy herself. There is still much controversy surround her appearance at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. According to a story by ShowBizSpy, the superstar appeared to have undergone plastic surgery. Not surprisingly, Taylor’s fans have jumped to deny the rumors, but if you consider what many critics are saying, it starts to seem more plausible.

There have been some to claim that the singer’s skin appeared to be unnaturally smooth, and this is often one of the most telling signs of recent plastic surgery. While Taylor Swift has always been known for her near perfect skin, there were others that claimed her face appeared to be far more rigid than normal. This is another sign of recent plastic surgery.

There is little doubt that Taylor has a countless number of fans and numerous A-list friends, but her critics always seem to find something wrong with her. What do you think about the recent allegations that Taylor Swift has undergone plastic surgery? Do you think there is any truth to these rumors?

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