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Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off': New song on '1989' album pure pop, no more country?

Taylor Swift, once known as the rising country princess, is gearing all towards pop in her latest song, “Shake It Off,” appearing on her new album, recently revealed as “1989.” The song has already seen hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and seems to be the next biggest pop hit, but some people are wondering whether Swift — who confirmed her fifth complete studio album this week — has left country music behind for good. The Huffington Post revealed this Monday, August 18, 2014, that Taylor officially released the single via a new video full of dancing and fun, receiving quite positive reviews so far.

Taylor Swift ready to shake it off with new pop song
Photo by Michael Loccisano

As longtime fans of Taylor Swift can certainly attest to, the “We Are Never Getting Back Together” singer has come a long way from her more country roots in such songs as “Our Song” and “Tim McGraw.” While the beautiful blonde starlet was incredibly successful in her most recent album, “Red,” some critics noted that she has developed a catchy, but blander, pop style to her songs. Now, as a first glimpse of her upcoming “1989” album, fellow T. Swifties can listen to the pure pop greatness of her new song, “Shake It Off.” Taylor herself shared on a Yahoo live stream channel that this is going to be a much more pop-centered piece, a “first documented official pop album."

In the viral video itself, Swift can be observed presenting quite a few different demeanors and outfits, and the young singer is warning all the “haters” out there to steer clear, as she’s not listening to them. In fact, the song itself seems to be about letting go from the stress and simply to have fun and be yourself. The “Love Story” star said that a major topic she focuses on in “Shake It Off” is to quite literally shake and dance — and that openness to dance is liberating.

According to CNN News, Taylor couldn’t help but mention two of her favorite discussion subjects, either — metaphors (in life and love) and, of course, cats.

"All I think about are metaphors and cats," the singer noted in a verbal statement. "Life itself and who people actually are can be greatly reflected in how people dance. ... I don't mean how good you are but your willingness to dance."

While fellow fans are already big supporters of Taylor Swift’s brand new song featured on the highly anticipated album, everyday listeners aren’t the only one caught up in this latest pop beat. Quite a few stars have hopped onto social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to applaud the singer’s memorable tune, including singer Kelly Clarkson and comedian / show host Ellen DeGeneres, citing the song as “incredibly catchy.”

Have you heard “Shake It Off” yet, and are you looking forward to “1989?” What do you think of Taylor Swift making a noticeable shift from her roots in country music to the apparently more accessible and audience-ready genre of pop? In any case, the blonde starlet is showing the world that she has talent and a penchant for song-writing that will follow her (and us followers) for many years in the future.

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