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Taylor Swift says she couldn’t live without making music

Taylor Swift enjoys songwriting even more than fan applause, she says
Taylor Swift enjoys songwriting even more than fan applause, she says
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Taylor Swift loves songwriting, singing, telling the stories of her songs through phenomenal concert effects and props, and well, everything creative about making music. In a recent interview with Variety, Taylor Swift said that though she loves to hear applause, she doesn’t want to “become addicted to it in order to feel whole.” She explains further that, “It’s the creative part of music-making that I could never live without.”

With four multi-Platinum studio albums that total near 60 songs, not to mention the songs she’s penned for films such as Valentine’s Day, The Hunger Games, One Chance, Taylor Swift has certainly proven that her creativity seems to know no end. She has written sweet love songs such as “Our Song,” “Love Story,” and “Everything Has Changed”, the songs of romantic longing or regret as in “Back to December” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”, but also a few tunes that make you realize there’s a depth to the 24 year old Taylor Swift that goes way beyond the innocence she portrayed when she first shyly sang “Tim McGraw” to Tim McGraw.

Hits such as “White Horse,” “Mean,” “Ours,” “Safe & Sound,” and “Ronan” carry fans on a musical roller coaster of emotions that make them wonder how Taylor Swift seems to know them inside and out, without ever having met most of her 53 million-plus fans. Yet somehow, Taylor Swift tells our stories, and she tells them with all the eloquence and emotion they deserve.

Taylor Swift’s love for that creative writing process definitely shines through in every new song she releases, so hopefully, that passion will continue for quite some time. If she wants to write, she certainly has 53 million reasons to keep at it.

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