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Taylor Swift's sympathy Grammy doesn't hide off-key singing

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift


  • richard 6 years ago

    come on taylors amazing shes wrote songs for herself and other artists and kayne is a racist pig why dont you stick up for whites being trashed by the blacks in school all me and my freinds heard was stupid white boy cracker and us being from cali we all tried being as proper as posible you obviously havent seen it or you would be mad lets jump that stupid white kid you would never hear a white kid openly call a black person the n word but a black would always be the first to trash on a white kid and for some reason thats all right being from the hood we were always targeted from the blacks as easy prey cause were white and supposedly less of a man because were white and appearantly thats not racism because there black or some how thats not good enough to be called racism but if my kid took a swing at a black kid hes kkk ask your own son hell tell you...

  • William-Modesto Classic Movies Examiner 6 years ago

    It's about time someone said publicly what I've been thinking for the last year. I'm tired of watching her sing and telling people that she's tone deaf and have them say "But she's so cute! And so classy when Kanye..."

    And now, the Grammy for Album of the Year. Honestly. You see why I won't watch the Grammys anymore. It's all about sales now.

  • Ms G 6 years ago

    I'm sure Randy jackson would have to say Taylor's Grammy performance was A LOT pitchy! Stevie of course, is a pro but Taylor appeared to have tried to out-sing a rock legend and failed miserably. I felt embarrassed when she cheesily pretended to be Stevie "singing" Rhiannon with her on stage. I bet Stevie sticks to duets with Vanessa Carlton from now on! I agree, Taylor does not even represent country music, much less pop music, from a listener's point of view! Her demographic is preteen girls through high school and her songs are just about adolescent angst. Taylor's music is over rated.

  • Lila 6 years ago

    I love this article.

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