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Taylor Swift offers more to ‘Shake it Off’; reveals new behind the scenes video

Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake it Off” might be the summer hit that everyone was hoping to have, even though the song was released late in the season. While it has only been out a few days, the single has already blown to the number one spot on the charts and is expected to stay there for a while. According to Rolling Stone Magazine on Thursday, the pop star offered the first behind scenes look at the making of the video for her latest hit and the fans love the video that shares the “outtakes” of the original music video.

Taylor Swift pleases fans with Outtakes of Shake it Off music video
Photo by Jason Merritt

Sharing her nervousness of being tossed in the air, Taylor Swift talks about the experience of making the video and how she likes to live (by shaking off those folks who say stuff about her life and career.) She also reveals that director Mark Romanek told her to do massive amounts of cardio to be ready for the three day shoot.

Apparently this is not the only “outtakes” video that will be released by the star. Since this sequence is about the cheerleading portion of the music video, it appears there is more to the behind the scenes look at the star and how she put together the video. The site Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the upcoming videos are more about the video production rather than a blooper reel of errors by Swift and the dancers.

It’s too bad that Taylor Swift didn't decide to release the single “Shake it Off” earlier in the year. The fans would have made it the single of the summer in a jiffy. Now people are wondering if it is too late to declare it that as school starts next week. Since there were no other memorable songs of the summer, it definitely gets our vote.

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