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Taylor Swift, John Mayer in same club: Conjures up bated breath moment for crowd

Taylor Swift and John Mayer were at the same Hollywood hot spot at the same time, but neiter wrote a song about each other!
Taylor Swift and John Mayer were at the same Hollywood hot spot at the same time, but neiter wrote a song about each other!
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When Taylor Swift and John Mayer happen into the same hot spot at the same time Wednesday night people took notice. It is no secret that the two, who dated back in 2009, had a breakup which is one for the record books.

According to USA Today on August 21, while both Swift and Mayer remained seemingly oblivious to each others presence, the rest of the place “freaked out” in anticipation of the two eyeing one another. It is assumed that Swift wrote one of her several breakup songs about Mayer, “Dear John,” although she has never confirmed that.

“Dear John” didn’t need any confirmation when it came to Mayer, he was certain the song was about him. In the song she asks why he played his “dark twisted games” with a 19-year-old, which was Swift’s age when they dated. She wrote how she loved him “so much” and how she “sees it all now it was wrong.”

As Us Magazine reports, Mayer knew the song was all about him. He was mortified when the song came out and people pinned the song to him. He was 34-years-old at the time and had a seemingly endless stream of broken hearts in his wake of A-list celebrities. Most of the women were close to his own age, but Swift was a baby in comparison and fairly new to the Hollywood scene.

People didn’t care too much for what was perceived as him taking advantage of her innocence. The song didn’t help his image at all. He slammed her and the song saying it was “cheap song writing.” He also said that it was an abuse of talent to “rub your hands together and go, wait til he gets a load of this!” He said the song “humiliated him” and that she had released it at a time when he had “already been dressed down.”

He assumed that he broke Taylor’s heart to the point that she wanted revenge? That was pretty presumptuous of him. As far as “cheap song writing” goes, Mayer took out his pen and paper and wrote the song “Paper Doll,” which was widely assumed to be about Swift.

His offering to allegedly one-up Swift included lyrics such as; "You're like 22 girls in one, and none of them know what they're running from. Was it just too far to fall for a little paper doll?" At least they both made some money on blasting each other in a song!

As for Wednesday night at the Chateau Marmont, neither seemed to notice the other and they left without any incident. It certainly got the attention of the crowd that was in the Hollywood hot spot. No claws came out and not a word was even hummed, so that was a quiet near-miss.

Just maybe one of them will write a song about seeing their ex from afar? Something along the lines of “Dear John” pines for “Paper Doll” through a crowded room. No, that just doesn’t sound right!

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