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Taylor Swift: John Mayer almost run in to each other at Chateau Marmont

Taylor Swift
Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC

Taylor Swift just had a bit of a run in with her ex-boyfriend John Mayer. On Thursday, US Magazine shared about what happened with these two when they were both at Chateau Marmont. They were both there at the exact same time which could have been a pretty awkward situation for them both.

They actually never saw each other there and so it was just a coincidence that they were both there. Nobody should read into it that it was more than just an accident. They are never ever getting back together and were just both at the same hot spot.

John Mayer and Taylor Swift actually dated, but it was years ago back in 2009. She did write a song about him just like she does all of her other ex-boyfriends so it is very possible that the two have some hard feelings between them. Luckily if they did see each other one of them went the other way and there was no big drama between them.

He also wrote a song called "Paper Doll" that was rumored to be about her. It looks like they are both moving on now. Taylor and John have gone their own ways.

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