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Taylor Swift: Here is a Selfie Makeup Lesson

We love listening to and watching our Nashville's own singer and world-wide entertainer, Taylor Swift, and stay tuned-in to anything and everything to do with this young lady. So now we are bringing to all of our 'Swifty' friends a video showing 'Taylor Swift's Selfie Makeup Lesson' for all of our friends who are fans like we are.

We never knew what a 'selfie' was until the advent of all of the cell-phone photos started appearing online, on Twitter and on Facebook. The last we knew, we'd take our digital camera (or back in the 'old' days, our 35mm camera), set it up on a tripod, click the 'self-timer' button for about 10 or 20-second countdown, run around in front of the camera and if we're lucky, we would make it into the photo-range just in time to appear in the photo alongside the others in the frame.

We recall some photos in our youth where a slowly-moving camera captured large groups of folks, such as our class on a trip to Washington, D.C., where some of the boys started out in the photo on the left side of the pictured group, then as soon as the camera got their picture, they ran like mad, around the back of the stands we were on, and appeared in the right side of the photo, also. So those guys must have be doing a 'double-selfie', so to speak.

Leave us a comment below about the video and give us your thoughts about it, and thanks for reading and following us on this Examiner column.

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