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Taylor Swift dazzles fans with 'Shake It Off'

Taylor Swift has shown that she has even more to offer even after having already been recognized as one of the most versatile and talented young entertainers of this era. Swift has excited fans with her new single "Shake It Off" which has a dynamic upbeat tempo and really cool chorus reported The Hollywood Reporter on August 18, 2014. This really fantastic song is clearly appropriately titled.

 Singer Taylor Swift performs at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Singer Taylor Swift performs at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

Swift has been dropping hints via social media over the past two weeks about her new song. She recently gathered fans together for a Yahoo/ABC worldwide event on Monday while she was streaming live from New York City. From the top of the Empire State Building Swift said it was kind of scary up there.

Once Swift entered a lounge she announced she had a new song to play for her fans and "Shake It Off" followed. While Swift was dancing with the crowd around her she then debuted her exciting new song "Shake It Off." The Hollywood Reporter's music editor Shirley Halperin has described this song as being "pop-tastic."

Swift also announced that her fifth studio album called 1989 after her birth year is on the way. Swift worked hard on her new album for two years. She said working on albums for two years gives her enough time to grow and change. Swift says each day she was making this album she woke up feeling the need to make a new style of music that she had never made before. She feels this album represents a rebirth. It will hit shelves on October 27th and is currently available for preorder.

Swift was seated in a small studio among a group of screaming fans as she made the announcement about her new song and album reports The Washington Post. "Shake It Off" from the album 1989 is an incredibly upbeat song. Swift took off manically dancing with her audience as the vibrant tune blasted loudly out of the speakers. Swift shows us she still has a great deal of untapped talent. With "'Shake It Off" she remains one of the most dynamic entertainers of the era.