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Taylor Swift confesses: 'I have no self control at kitchen stores'

Did you catch the "Surprising Gena" video made by Taylor Swift when she surprised a fan by attending the girl's bridal shower, unannounced? If not, the famous country crooner captured it all on video, gladly sharing it with the world, according to a Taste of Country on April 16.

Taylor Swift pictured with fan Gena at the bride-to-be's bridal shower.
Taste of Country

In the video, Taylor confesses at one point that "I have no self control at kitchen stores." And that personal proclivity was only magnified when she felt the desire to shop for a very loyal fan's upcoming bridal shower. She says Gena has been coming to her shows for years, and that the bride-to-be even went to the trouble to send her an invitation to the wedding and the shower. And while Taylor could not make the wedding, she could show up for the shower--unexpectedly, of course.

It was a tremendously sweet thing for the celebrity singer to take the time to do. But she confesses that she had never been to such an event before; therefore, she was all the more eager to do it. And the girl being honored could not believe her eyes when she saw the star outside the entrance into her big event, walking up like any other bridal shower guest might do, laden down with gifts.

(I) brought like a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and cookies I made, and (I) painted her this thing, and I hope she likes it. I'm really excited," Taylor Swift said.

Upon arriving, Swift's videographer could not miss the message printed on the event placard sign directly situated outside the bridal shower room door. It read "Loving him in red," a nod to Taylor's fourth album Red, showing Gena really is a die-hard fan of the country star.

The beautiful bride-to-be was totally taken aback that someone as famous as this celebrity singer would deem to attend her shower. But her bridesmaids and others in attendance appeared to be more focused on enjoying the anomoly rather than questioning it.

And for her part, Taylor Swift made sure her video captured the smiling mother of the bride, the mention of the bridesmaids' Buckeye hand-made candy contribution that day, as well as a quick look at the groom Bryan (Boy was he cute!). And in the end, it was Taylor who thanked Gena for the invite, rather than expecting her fan Gena to thank her for coming. Although Gena did do that too. And that's what makes this star story so special, as few people at the top remember who put them there enough to show their fans a little kindness like Swift did this week.

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