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Taylor Swift braces and glasses: Singer gets nerdy for 'Late Night'

Taylor Swift decided to change things up and get nerdy for her upcoming appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." You have to check out the new clip in the video on this page. On Saturday, The Gloss shared the little clip of her that is about 45 seconds long. It is a cute little tease and makes you wonder what is up her sleeve next.

Taylor Swift
Photo by Charley Gallay

The singer has on glasses and fake braces. She is playing a character she calls Natalie while she is talking to a character that Jimmy Fallon plays on his show. Taylor does a great job as this character. In the clip, she says, "So I'm really excited because my mom said that we're going to come visit you and your mom and your dad, and um, I heard that you have that television show called 'Eww!' and so that maybe I could be on it, is was what I was thinking." It is unknown if they asked her to do this or if Swift came up on the idea on her own because others have done this in the past for "Eww!"

She wants to join other stars with a chance to be part of the "Eww!" show. Seth Rogen, Channing Tatum, Will Farrell and First Lady Michelle Obama have all been guests on this in the past. Taylor is ready for it and excited.

Taylor Swift has been staying busy lately and has even made fans think that she has new music on the way. It sounds like things are looking good for her right now and she is staying busy. If Taylor has a special man in her life, she is not speaking out about who it is and is actually staying quiet about that for now. Fans might have to wait for her next album to find out.

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