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Taylor Swift: 15 Photos of her performance in Berlin

Those who read our columns here on a regular basis know how we feel about Taylor Swift, singer and entertainer extraordinaire who bases her home in Nashville. We follow her, in-as-much as we are able, through her singing career, through the photos of her in concert and we also manage to keep up with her goings and comings through her Facebook account. We also follow her on the Twitter account where she now has 39.3 million other followers like us.

Taylor Swift performing in Berlin
Photo by Andreas Rentz

Here is what Taylor Swift's Twitter account currently says on her profile:

Taylor Swift
Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time.

We are not sure we can ever pick out just one song of the many Taylor Swift has sung and call it our 'favorite'. It's not even about the songs she sings anyway, it's more about the beautiful complexity of the personality of this young lady; she who continually holds her head high amongst the scatter of sometimes adverse publicity which at times tries so hard to make her into something she is not.

We can only applaud a person who writes and sings a song like 'Mean' when the pressure on a lot of other people would force them to give in to the meanness that has been vented onto their heads. But with grace, and unlike many her age, she calls those who try to bully her into account and shares it with all of her fans and with the world, indeed.

Leave us a note and let us know your favorite Taylor Swift song, won't you?

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