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Taylor Momsen serves up some crazy vocal stylings with new band

Taylor Momsen onstage in NYC.
Taylor Momsen onstage in NYC.

Remember little Cindy Lou Who from the 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Believe it or not, the girl in the picture is that same person. Ten years later and at the ripe age of sixteen, Taylor Momsen is beginning to find not only herself, but black eyeliner.

She is mostly known for her role on the CW hit series Gossip Girl as Jenny “Little J” Humphrey; the poor girl from Brooklyn trying to make a name for herself on the Upper East Side. As viewers of the series might have noticed, Momsen’s character has been undergoing a major change. More black clothing and fishnet stockings have been added to her wardrobe in the past season along with a much darker personality. Without a doubt the actress’ new ambitions are influencing her character. For the last year Momsen has fronted the New York based rock band The Pretty Reckless. Now, Joaquin Phoenix and Billy Bob Thornton are perfect examples of how catastrophic a transition career can be, but Taylor Momsen has successfully crossed over that pesky red line. Simply put, ‘Damn! Girl can sing.'

It might not make sense seeing this tall blonde sixteen year old girl wearing heavy amounts of black lipstick and lingerie, but when she opens her mouth and begins to sing it doesn’t matter what the heck she looks like. Her voice is powerful and commanding and should be payed attention to.

She grew up listening to everything from Zeppelin to The Who and The Beatles to Nirvana. It wasn’t until she went to a White Stripes concert that she realized what a raw and simple power a vocal and guitar attack could have. She began writing lyrics and playing guitar. The band’s self-titled EP is on sale on iTunes and features her writing and singing talents. Their debut album “Light Me Up” will be released at a later date.

The Pretty Reckless is currently on the Vans Warped Tour bill and will be touring throughout the summer.

She may look like an earlier version of Courtney Love, but hopefully she isn’t participating in the same illegal activities Love did/does. It would be a shame to beat her extremely talented vocal chords to a pulp.