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Taylor Mallory, Future Superstar Q & A

If you haven't already heard of Taylor Mallory, chances are you soon will. In the world of Hip Hop and R&B stars are born every second. Getting your foot in the door is no doubt the hardest part of the "game" as we call it. Once inside, the world is yours to lose and from the looks and sounds of this young rising star, losing does not seem to be something Taylor Mallory has to worry about. Taylor seems to have the door open wide enough to take one giant leap inside of it.

Taylor Mallory
Taylor Mallory
Level Next Music
Taylor Mallory
Level Next Music

It has been said quite often when describing a star or celebrity that they seem to just have "it" and yes. This kid certainly has "it" and lots of it. Its a pretty safe bet to say the ladies will have plenty Taylor Mallory in their music collection. Who is this guy your wondering?

A cross between Bruno Mars and John Legend would be a pretty accurate way to describe his sound, having had songs placed in realty t.v shows such as the Style Network's "How Do I Look" and being featured in commercials for Kellogg, Gatorade, Kodak and the American Forces Network, this 23 year old singer, songwriter, composer and entertainer is set to take the air waves by storm and not let go.

Taylor Mallory is backed with production by Dupée Productions, who's credits include: Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men and Snoop Dogg to name a few and even big corporations such as Tide, Wal-Mart, Gatorade, Chevy, Kraft, McDonalds, Sears and the US Army. Impressive no doubt. Dupée Productions is Headed by writer/producer and creative director, Ivan Dupée.

During his brief visit to Milwaukee earlier in the week, I was able to catch up with this bright young Chicago native while he was rehearsing for his up coming performances in the Brew City and promoting his new single "Sunni's Outside". I was able to ask him a few brief questions about his goals, influences and aspirations.

Examiner: What is it that motivates you to make music...

Taylor Mallory: I have something to say - "my passion is my profession." Music is more than just a love of mine, it is my inspiration. Creating music is part of God's purpose and plan for my life. I will not settle to "get by." Pretty much, music motivates me more than anything.

Ex: What's your ultimate goal?

TM: I always find this question to be so hard to answer within a sentence. There are about five sides to "Taylor Mallory." - Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Artist, Son. As a singer my ultimate goal would be the best vocalist I can be. As a songwriter, I would like to write a great song that will not only win a Grammy, but remain a classic for years to come. As a composer, I would like to get a song placed in a huge advertising campaign with my team Dupee Productions. As an artist, I would love to touch as many people as I possibly can and tour the world. As a son, send my parents on an all expenses-paid trip to wherever they want to go.

Ex: Who are some of your musical influences?

TM: When I was a child my father played a lot of old-school R&B/Funk and my mother would play 80's music. I have to say a lot of my earlier influences came from Earth, Wind, and Fire, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Hall & Oates. Currently, I am inspired by my mentor Ivan Dupee. He helps me with more than just music. He's also my spiritual mentor as well.

Ex: What advice would you give to other up and coming artists such as yourself?

TM: Remain true to yourself and work your craft on a day to day basis.

Ex: Name some Artists in the industry who you'd like to work with.

TM: I would love to work with Janelle Monae, Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green, Andre 3000, and Stevie Wonder one day. They all possess two things that I am a sucker for - talent and a creative mind.

Ex: What is one thing that alot of people DON'T know about you?

TM: My last name "Mallory" means unfortunate - Though, the only thing that would make me unfortunate is if I wasn't living, but I am alive and i have great parents, a great team, and the good fortune to have the opportunity to be the best artist I can possibly be.

Ex: What do you have coming up?

TM: Currently, my single Sunni's Outside is being featured in a Milwaukee Brewers commercial. On Thursday, June 9th I will be performing at my labelmate's ENDISKIZE's video release and benefit concert for Clothes4Souls,Inc. and Soles4Soles, Inc. at The Alley in Highwood, IL. On June 17, I will be performing in Chicago at the TEEN T.A.L.K. conference. This summer my label will be dropping a compilation of all the Level Next music artists. I am also working on my EP titled "Tie Your Shoes."

Ex: How can people find you online and listen to your music?

TM: They can find my current single "Sunni's Outside" on iTunes, Amazon, and I am also available on all social networks.

The future certainly looks "Sunni" for Taylor Mallory, keep yours eyes and ears peeled for more from this rising star.

Also, be sure and pick up his new single, here is the link: Taylor Mallory "Sunnis Outside"





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