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Taylor Halbur responds to Adam Lind's new relationship?

'Teen Mom 2' star Taylor Halbur takes a selfie with daughter Paislee.
'Teen Mom 2' star Taylor Halbur takes a selfie with daughter Paislee.
Taylor Halbur/Instagram

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind broke up over two months ago and have yet to reconcile.

Although breaking up is nothing new for the "Teen Mom 2" couple, they typically get back together weeks later. But this time is different. Not only did Lind end his relationship with Halbur, he also started a relationship with someone new.

On July 1, Halbur took to Instagram, where she shared a photo message, which appeared to be about her and Lind's ongoing relationship drama.

"There's only so long 'good enough' will satisfy you. It's easy to stay strong and hold out when everything is going well but do you have what it takes to not settle when you're disappointed and tired of waiting?" the message read. "Impatience leads more people to heartbreak than love ever can. Stop settling with what works 'for now' ... Ask yourself: Do I just want somebody I can deal with today, or do I want somebody I can actually grow with forever. Be willing to do whatever you have to do to make sure your life reflects your answer."

Prior to Halbur's Instagram post, it had been revealed that Lind was dating again -- and that his new lady had posted a photo of herself holding Halbur and Lind's daughter, Paislee, on her own Instagram account.

While Halbur never addressed the photo publicly, it couldn't have been something that she was okay with so soon in their relationship.

In other news, Lind was recently arrested in South Dakota after violating the DUI program he was placed on earlier this year.

“He either didn’t show up for testing or tested positive for alcohol,” a spokesperson for the jail told Radar Online of the arrest.

“The saddest part is it was his one weekend per month with Aubree,” added a Radar insider. “So now she won’t get to see him.”

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