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Taylor Halbur opens up about her split from 'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind

'Teen Mom 2' star Taylor Halbur and daughter Paislee
'Teen Mom 2' star Taylor Halbur and daughter Paislee
Taylor Halbur/Twitter

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind recently broke up, but the circumstances surrounding their split have been a little unclear.

Although a source claimed to Radar Online earlier this month that the "Teen Mom 2" star and new mom had refused to give up drinking to stay home with their baby, Halbur claims that is far from the case.

In the Radar Online report, it was alleged that while Lind was recently sentenced in his DUI case, which resulted in him having to wear an alcohol monitoring anklet, Halbur hadn't been supportive. Apparently, Lind didn't want Halbur to continue to drink, but she kept doing so, and stayed out late on multiple occasions.

According to an April 15 report by The Stir, Halbur recently set the record straight via Twitter.

"Let's just set this straight. I'd rather stay home w/ my baby girl & be in bed by 10 than go out get wasted & feel like crap the next day," she wrote.

As for Lind, he has reportedly already moved on with another woman.

“He seems fine,” Radar's insider said. “He’s already been hanging out with a new girl.”

Since Lind and Halbur had been dating for so long, about two years, hearing that he has already moved on is quite shocking -- especially considering his and Halbur's daughter is still so young. One would hope that he would have a bit more dedication to his family, but from the looks of things, he does not.

For more of the story, tune into the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV.

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