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Taylor Halbur is "obsessed" with Chelsea Houska's family, claims source

'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind with girlfriend Taylor Halbur and daughter Paislee Mae.
'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind with girlfriend Taylor Halbur and daughter Paislee Mae.
Taylor Halbur/Instagram

Taylor Halbur has reportedly followed a Houska trend in naming her 8-month old daughter, Paislee Mae.

According to a source, Halbur, who has been dating Adam Lind on and off for years, ripped off the ideas of Chelsea Houska (who is Lind's original baby mama) and her family when it came to her daughter's name.

"Not only has Taylor named her daughter a double E ending name which apparently is a 'Houska thing', but she also chose the same middle name as Aubree's cousin!" a source revealed exclusively to The Examiner. "Chelsea's niece, Braylee Mae, is 6 months older than Aubree. Chelsea and her sister, Emily, are very close and had a lot of fun choosing baby names together. They both think it's a little weird that Taylor and Adam chose to name their baby something so similar to Aubree and Braylee and even used the same middle name."

When Halbur and Lind first debuted their daughter's name, it was clear that Halbur had gotten some inspiration from Aubree's name, but at the time, it was unknown that she and Lind had also used a Houska trend for the child's middle name. It was also unknown that one of Houska's sisters has a daughter whose name, Destinee, also contains the double "E" ending.

"It almost seems like Taylor (or maybe Adam?) is a little too obsessed with the Houska family," the source added.

Since Lind and Houska reportedly hooked up during a rocky point in Lind and Halbur's relationship more than once, it's odd Halbur would want to associate herself with Houska at all -- let alone follow in her footsteps.

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