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Taylor Armstrong 'fed up' with editing of 'Couples Therapy'

Taylor Armstrong
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Current "Couples Therapy" cast member and former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong watched last night's episode of "Couples Therapy" for the first time, just like the right of us, and she is not happy with the editing. Last night's episode depicted the 42 year old widow (her late husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide in August 2011, a month after she'd filed for divorce) throwing a fit, cursing at the staff and the cameramen and threatening to leave because her bedroom was too hot. Needless to say, it's not a good look and Taylor is well aware of that. But according to Taylor, that is not the real reason she was upset and she is not happy with the way the episode is edited to make her look like a spoiled diva. Last night, she sent out the following tweets:

"They promised me "no editing" My Mother in Law was diagnosed w cancer & my friend was abused that day. They pressured me to stay. #lostit"

"@DrJennBerman and vh1 said " no editing" this is totally absurd. You don't know the background story. Great to talk but show everything!"

"Fed up at this point. Lid is about to blow off. Don't like to be lied to and more family pressure than u can imagine!"

Looks like Taylor is trying to say that the real reason she she wanted to leave was due to her mother-in-law being diagnosed with cancer and her friend being abused, but producers had pressured her into staying and she did, but was agitated over the conditions there (such as the heat) because she was already stressed and wanting to leave due to the problems mentioned above and so little things were making her want to leave even more. It sounds like Taylor was lead to believe that the show's producers would let the audience in on why she was freaking out the way she was in last night's episode.

No such luck.

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