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Taylor and Tessier jewelry handmade in Aspen

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Taylor and Tessier Handmade in Aspen jewelry collection offers jewelry that's inspired by nature, color, and texture. Nature symbolizes Taylor and Tessier's personal balance and happiness. The various colors in its jewelry collection portrays the vibrant blues of the ocean, to the warm jewel tones of the Rocky Mountains, where each creation is infused with beautiful surroundings. Taylor and Tessier jewelry, all handmade in Aspen, offers an innovative combination of hide and exotic leathers, wire wrapping, coral, semi-precious gemstones and crystals that creates a modern look with an organic feel and texture. They take raw and untouched materials, then form them with their hands, and refine them into beautiful works of art that can be worn. Every piece boasts of something true to the creators, Taylor and Tessier and Aspen, because they hand make and design each piece in Aspen.

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Choose from an array of Taylor and Tessier's beautiful necklaces with charms in gold, sterling silver, turquoise, white crystal, white lily, brass, coral resin or beads -- there is something special for everyone. The bracelet collection is most impressive, especially the python wrap, stingray and lizard with spoked rivet and quarts cuffs, available in gold or silver.