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Taxpayer money funding 1,000 schools in 15 states that can teach creationism

The separation of church and state is continuing to be challenged as 15 states and over 1,000 schools in the United States now have the ability to teach creationism while receiving taxpayer's money.

Inside the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY

Whether it's through publicly funding charter systems or a voucher program, 15 states now have the ability to teach the controversial theory of creationism. Despite over 95 percent of scientists supporting evolution as the scientifically proven reason for how the universe began, socially conservatives states dominated by theocratic elected officials have decided to take their education system in a different direction.

According to a report by Slate, teachers in Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee now allow public schools to teach creationism as an alternative to evolution. In addition, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas and other states are now using taxpayer's money to teach creationism through state tuition vouchers and other scholarship programs. One of the more alarming details shows that in the Sunshine state of Florida over 160 schools are teach creationism by participating in the state’s tax credit scholarship program for children with disabilities and/or from low-income households.

The debate over the separation of church and state doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but as time goes on one can only wonder what the end result will look like.

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