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Taxed enough already

  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Tax day.  We all feel on tax day. Those expecting to receive a refund file their taxes with anticipation for the money they will receive.  Those who will pay taxes feel an anxiousness for the money they will pay.  April 15th is that day.

Tea party conformists were out in full force today.  Some, as in this picture, made strong statements with their signs and speech.  For those on the opposite political side of the radicals who generally make the news, the tea party, in all its glory, does actually legitimize some important concerns.

For years, the middle class has had to pay increasing taxes, while the cost of living has sky-rocketed and wages have plateaud.  The rage and fury expressed by many of these tea partiers is because they are in the middle class and they have been bearing the cost for far too long.

All of us in the middle class have been taxed enough already.  We have financed Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, two wars on foreign land and seen to it that Wall Street and big companies maintain their bonuses.  I agree tea partiers - we have been taxed enough already.

The problem with this movement is that their vile fear tactics and untruths pollute our democracy.  The tea party professes to be fighting for the Constitution but they were no where to be seen when Dick Cheney felt he was above the Constitution.  Landmark health care legislation was just signed into law, and instead of realizing the protections this will have on us as a middle class, Sarah Palin and her party-goers have been able to convince our fellow middle class neighbors that what little they do have will be taken by the government, our mounting household debt is because the government told us to spend - which Bush did, and providing a basic human need such as health care violates our Constitution.

We have all been taxed enough already, but if we're not, what will happen to our schools and our roads? Who's going to defend our country that you so dearly love?  If we're not taxed, who's going to make sure your flight doesn't crash into another flight in air and your food is safe?  Then ask yourself how you are being apart of the solution dressed like that above with a sign that says "God Hates Taxes".

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