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Taxco, Mexico-Not Just a Silver Town

The city of Taxco
The city of Taxco
Photo by C. Keach

Taxco is a lovely little town in the Mexican State of Guerrero, which is southwest of where I am in Cuernavaca.  It is a major tourist attraction, known for its silver, its scenery and its religious practices. 

Taxco is well known for its silver production and the town shops offer jewelry, silverware and other silver items.  Of course, there are plenty of other souvenirs to buy as well in the various shops and stalls along the streets of this town.  The homes and buildings of Taxco are built right into the side of the mountains. The streets are narrow with uneven stones and no sidewalks, which can make walking dangerous.  High above the town is a statue of Jesus Christ with his arms stretched wide, much like the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro.  In the center of the town is a beautiful church called Santa Prisca Church.  It was built in the 1750s in a baroque style and with pink stone.  Inside are intricate and elaborate statues and decorations. 

Taxco is also known for its Holy Week activities.  During the week before Easter, the townspeople have processions through the streets and on Good Friday they reenact Jesus Christ's procession to his death.  But the people don't just walk along the streets.  They take it a step further.  The men walking in the procession wear black hoods and black robes from the waist down.  Some of them carry thorny blackberry stalks on their shoulders and along their arms.  Luckily, each man has three people walking close by for safety purposes.  Other men wearing the same outfits carry heavy wooden crosses and ropes with nails attached to the end.  With these ropes, they throw the end over their shoulders and into their backs at various times during the procession.  The women in the procession wear all black, including masks, and have their feet shackled.  As they shuffle along the cobble-stoned streets all you can hear are the shackles.  In the town there are statues and signs that share more details about the Good Friday traditions.        

Whether you're interested in shopping for silver, exploring the picturesque town or learning more about the religious influence on life here, Taxco is absolutely a must see on any tourist's list of places to visit in Mexico.  I only wish we'd had more time! 


  • Gary 5 years ago

    Very interesting! Thanks

  • Ray 5 years ago

    Last Sunday I spent the day in Taxco. It is everything Christine says and more. It was only my second visit to Taxco and I have lived in Cuernavaca for a year, but there is so much to see and do from here.

  • Chris Keach 5 years ago

    Thanks, Gary!

    Ray, thanks for stopping by! Next week I'm visiting Puebla and I have articles for here on Las Grutas y Teotihuacan! I hope you'll come back!

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