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TaxAct online tax filing service for 2013, 2014 review

Tax act online filing

TaxAct is one of the online tax filing services that allows taxpayers to file their federal and state taxes online easily.

With the IRS, opening up their doors in just a few days it is important that taxpayers who plan to file their taxes themselves have chosen their tax software so they can get their taxes to the IRS immediately for faster processing.

This article is going to discuss various things about TaxAct Online so you can decide if this would be the ideal tax software for you to use.

TaxAct online packages

TaxAct has three different packages available for their customers to make sure that they are able to get their taxes filed correctly. Below, are the three options that you have to choose from:

  • Free Federal – The Free Federal package is free, as the name hints, for federal tax returns. For a fee, you can opt in to file your state taxes too, however. With this package, all taxpayers can file their federal return even if your tax situation is more complex.
  • When opting for this package you have access to all of the deductions and credits available for the current tax year, email support when you find yourself stuck, and 100% accuracy guaranteed to lower your audit risks.
  • Deluxe Federal – The Deluxe Federal package does cost a fee. However, with all of the benefits that it provides it is very affordable. With this package, you are able to start your tax return free and you have free phone support assistance included as well. Some of the other benefits of going with the deluxe package include donation assistance, import data options, tax tips, and the tax calculator.
  • Ultimate Bundle – The Ultimate Bundle, unlike the other packages, includes state filing as well. Customers go for this bundle when they require full coverage on everything. It is the other two packages combined with added features such as audit support. Businesses usually go for this option yet individuals with complicated returns can benefit from the Ultimate Bundle too.

What customers are saying

TaxAct customers have mixed feelings about using this online software. Some of the positive things that they have had to say include, the price being affordable, it is fast to fill in the information, and the free version is just as effective as purchasing one of the paid versions.

Some of the not so positive things that they have had to say about the software include, it comes with fewer Q & A when compared to other software’s and it has less financial download sources.

Bottom line

TaxAct is ideal for those who are not mandated to file a tax return, as you will be able to stick with the free version. However, all taxpayers can benefit from filing through TaxAct since you get to try out the paid versions before you make the payment to insure that you are satisfied with the software.

Tax season is rapidly approaching and it is important to make sure you are prepared. Finding the ideal software is your first step to doing so. With so many different tax software’s on the web, it is important to make sure that you do good research to select the best one for your tax situation.

Keep in mind all tax software’s are going to come with their pros and cons. This is just one of your options that you have when it comes to e filing your taxes yourself. I hope that we have provided you with some insight about TaxAct online tax filing so you can decide whether it is the software that is ideal for you.

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