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Tax Time Unwind

Spa Costa Del Sur at South Point Hotel Casino
Spa Costa Del Sur at South Point Hotel Casino
Costa Del Sur

Tax stress is the central theme of the month of April. Now that the deadline has passed it is time to take a deep breath and relax. Spa Costa Del Sur has the right idea down at the South Point Hotel. This spa knows how to take care of person who has just survived tax season. With great prices and a local’s discount of 20% these treatments are great for any tax season survivor as well as their CPAs.

For the rest of April Spa Costa Del Sur will be offering the following spa specials to aid in unwinding from Uncle Sam’s demands:

Herbal Fusion Detox Wrap (80 minutes) $150

Orange Blossom Relaxation Massage (50 minutes) $115

Pure Fiji Facial (50 minutes) $110

Orange Blossom Manicure and Pedicure $115

These indulgent spa services are the perfect treat and will not put too big of a dent into the tax refund. Spa Costa Del Sur’s spa facility takes spas to another level and because they have thought of everything, all bases are covered. This facility offers a wide range treatments and packages for individuals, couples, mothers-to-be and even brides. This tax season, Spa Costa Del Sur is the place to be. For more information or a virtual tour click here.

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