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Tax reform always hurts, somebody

"Tax reform is dead," says Senator Mitch McConnell.

"Tax Reform is dead," says Mitch McConnell

The story is that Republicans and Congress will not produce tax reform legislation before Election 2014 even though they have talked about it for years on end. Why?

Tax reform will bite a bunch of people, just like Obamacare. Any sort of universal fix affects everyone in some fashion. The Middle Class can expect to take a hit, coming and going, as it were.

Wealthy Americans employ their lobbyists and political muscle to defend the status quo as they know they are the target of a bigger bite. Impoverished and needy Americans expect more revenue to come their way to address necessities.

When wealthy Americans entrench, Middle Class Americans become the pained and painful target.

It is politically unwise to engage in “tax reform:” when everyone knows that everyone will take a hit.

“Top story: Why Republicans don't actually want tax reform

Will Mitch McConnell block tax reform? ""I think we will not be able to finish the job, regretfully," McConnell told reporters after Senate Republicans regular Tuesday lunch. "I don't see how we can." McConnell blamed his pessimism on the refusal by Democrats to consider any tax reform plan that doesn't raise significant new cash for deficit reduction. President Obama has sought roughly $600 billion over the next decade, while Senate Democrats have approved a budget blueprint that calls for $1 trillion." Lori Montgomery in The Washington Post.

Wait, wasn't this a Republican priority? "Republicans think they will expand their majority in the House -- and perhaps take the Senate -- by spending the remainder of 2014 concentrating on a still struggling-economy, cutting a raft of regulations and Obamacare's woes.”

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