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Ancient Arabic depiction of Taurus
wikimedia commons

Taurus individuals are usually very strong, stable people who enjoy good health. Normally easy to get along with, they tend to stabilize those around them. As ‘carpenters of the universe,’ the astrology sign of Taurus has an important place in the universe.

Looking to night sky constellations, Taurus’ star threads a most tangible strength of character throughout an earth bound plane of existence. Aldebaran, The Eye of the Bull, twinkles brightly as the essence of Taurus.

Located in the Taurus constellation, Aldebaran shines a bright orange color. Also known as Alpha Tauri, it is visualized within the head of the bull.

Sometimes known to be materialistic, Taurus is an earth sign, but as in all of the astrology signs, the spiritual side comes as part of the package. Taurus translates the unseen into physical manifestation.

One way to look at Taurus is to see the characteristics of the bull as a vision holder tells Nick Anthony Fiorenza in his impressive “Lunar Planner.” When activation of the vision begins, planning of world affairs, and configuration of infrastructures is highlighted.

Although known as a fixed sign, Taurus can also be seen as the precursor to change. Once the illusory is translated into tangible, specific actions use the earthbound focus to move forward.

In astrology, the planet Venus represents Taurus. A love of beauty plays a large part of a Taurus native’s life. Beautiful children, home, and environment bring a focus on the domestic front. Good food, good times, friends and family bring great satisfaction.

As a fixed sign, Taurus moves slowly, and won't forget to smell the roses along the path of life. Though sometimes seen as being too easily satisfied, the upside is a good-natured temperament.

In love affairs this native seeks to express affection through physical contact. When giving advice, a sensible and practical mindset is what this earth sign provides.

Native Taureans need to avoid stagnancy. A “fixed” sign, they can tend toward settling into a rut. In the extreme, the fixed nature of the “bull” trends toward stubbornness at times. Though temper flare-ups are rare, this astrological trait manifests in taking a position and never budging from that place, be it a furniture arrangement or an opinion.
Loyal in friendships, and steady as you go, the astrology of Taurus and the beauty of springtime go hand in hand.

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