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Tattoos for Time Travelers

Illustrated Man

The British Science Festival is offering a unique exhibit this September 6-11, titled Tattoos for Time Travelers. It poses an interesting question. If you were about to be sent back in time and couldn't take anything with you, no clothing, jewelry, or technology, what's the most important scientific knowledge you could bring…in the form of a scientific tattoo?

British Science Festival

Each September the British Science Festival visits a different city in the UK. For five days, that city is transformed into an exciting festival celebrating science, engineering, and technology. This year the event will be held in Birmingham in partnership with the University of Birmingham.

Become an illustrated man or woman

Admission is free and a talented tattoo artist will be there to draw or write anything you desire on your body before you leave. It's your chance to become the Illustrated Man or woman of the 21st century. What bit of technological genius or scientific wonder will your body art illustrate?

Tattoos for Time Travelers

Tattoos for Time Travelers provides a new look at history as you ask yourself what you will need to survive, thrive, or to change the future. But don't be too hasty in your decision. Choose your ink prudently. How will the information you bring to the past be received? Would you be a genius or a heretic? Or even worse, burned as a witch?

Participants of Tattoos for Time Travelers look at current history as well as the past. They will consider all our scientific knowledge and how that knowledge, if introduced in the past, could change things for the better…or worse. This event allows you to join the debate and to walk away with some unique body art, and inspiration for future science ink. For those who can't make the event, the debate can be joined on twitter with the hashtag #BSFTattoos.

Along with the Tattoos for Time Travelers exhibit, the festival offers other workshops and hands on exhibitions, many of which are free. Enjoy science shows as well as science comedy and drama. It's a family friendly venue with something for everyone.

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