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'Tattoos After Dark' goes ‘From the Beach to the Streets’ on Oxygen

Asaru the artist from House of Ink in Venice Beach
Asaru the artist from House of Ink in Venice Beach
Photo courtesy of Oxygen used with permission

On last night's episode of "Tattoos After Dark," the three artists from the Venice shop went to join the Hollywood crew, while House of Ink was being renovated. Venice is a total laid back beach community, while Hollywood has a completely different flair. The crew of Ink Kandy was just as excited to meet up with old friends and new ones, and they were aware that crazy people come to the Hollywood shop, just as they do to Venice. See a sneak peek here.

Two guys walk into the shop, who wish to outdo each other by getting the worst tattoos. After they get them, they want the staff to vote for the worst. Obviously, they have been drinking and Asaru knows that this is a bad decision for both guys.

One guy wants a pine tree air freshener, like those hanging in cars for many years which Jersey will do. The other guy wants a female squirrel with a bow in her hair on one thigh reaching up and another running down his other leg with a nut in her mouth. Friday was to do this one, but she decided to ask Christine if she wanted to tag team with her and do both at once. Both tattoos were awesome, but the squirrels won the vote, although both were pretty cool.

Asaru feels right at home, when a guy comes in on a pogo stick wanting a tattoo of a zebra riding a giraffe. Asaru gets the job, and he wants it on his ribs, a painful place to get a tattoo. He sat very well, and Asaru did an awesome job. The zebra looked like a cowboy, and the giraffe was perfect.

A woman with pink hair and platform sneakers comes to the shop looking for piercings and dermals. She tells them that her entire life, she has always wanted to be abducted by aliens. So this is her way of signaling the aliens, that she is ready to be picked up. So she wants crop circles, which she believes are a mathematical signal that they understand. She believes that tonight is the night they will come for her. The one she chose has 25 parts and will be extremely painful. However, for her mission; it was worth it. When it was completed, she stood outside with a flashlight to signal the aliens. But they did not show up. Maybe they will come later, but Asaru stuck his head out the door and told her they were stuck in traffic on this crazy episode of “Tattoos After Dark.”