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'Tattoos After Dark' gets ‘Hollywood Hard Knocks’ on Oxygen

Candy Cane Joust at Tattoos After Dark
Candy Cane Joust at Tattoos After Dark
Photo courtesy of Oxygen used with permission

On tonight's episode of "Tattoos After Dark," the three artists from the Venice shop who went to join the Hollywood crew, while House of Ink was being renovated, are spending the last day in Hollywood. The crew of Ink Kandy is sorry to see them go, as they had a good time together.

When a born-again virgin named Joilyn comes in for her first tattoo, she wants Genesis on her ribcage, to remind her that she will be a virgin until she gets married. Asaru believes he is in love with this girl, but Jersey claims her for the tattoo, as he loves roses and lettering, which is just what she wants. Before the tattoo, she and Jersey prayed, and the prayers were answered, as it was an awesome job.

A seemingly nerdy guy comes in and wants his spirit animal for his tattoo. He stated that he used to be a big nerd, and wants a lion on his ribcage to prove his manliness, but Asaru does not feel he should move that far up the food chain. Besides, he wants the lion wearing a Robin Hood hat. Asaru draws a profile picture of the lion. When completed the hat is green with a red feather, but the lion does not look too fierce.

Before the Venice team leaves, Big T decides to give them something to remember. He has giant candy canes, and conducts a joust between the two teams. First up, Jersey versus Big T, and Jersey wins. Next, Justin versus Asaru, and both fall out of their chairs. For the distaff side, Friday versus Christine, and Hollywood is the winner.

A girl comes into the shop, not for a tattoo or piercing, but to ask for directions. She wants to know where Melrose is, but she is either drunk or high, and does not know her left from her right.

When a guy on a bike charges into the shop, he turns out to be Rick Thorne, the BMX star. He wants a shock tattoo on the back of his head. It reads Use Your Head, for all the ups and downs in his life; he realized that when he used his head, things looked up.

So before they left to go back to Venice, they reminisced about the fun and tattoos they did. Although they cannot wait to return, the Hollywood gang knows they will be missed on this episode of “Tattoos After Dark.”

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