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'Tattoos After Dark' episode 103 spoilers

'Tattoos After Dark'
'Tattoos After Dark'
Facebook from 495 Productions with permission

Tonight is a new episode of "Tattoos After Dark" on Oxygen. This will be episode 103. On Jan. 8, the show went to their Facebook page to share a new preview that is full of spoilers for tonight's episode.

Tonight's episode is called "Laced Up and Face Down." Three burlesque dancers are going to come into the parlor for some work. The preview shows Gabrealla getting a huge back corset done and it looks pretty painful. She started out wanting six and then ended up doing 26 instead. Betty will leave her fiance and decide to get a new face tattoo.

Jersey Joe will have a wild late night guest come in. She wants a tattoo of a bearded lady because someday that is what she wants to end up being. It is going to be a wild episode tonight on Oxygen.

Don't miss the new episode of "Tattoos After Dark" tonight on Oxygen at 10 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. Please like my Facebook to stay up to date on the latest in entertainment news.