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Tattoo removal goes mainstream

Invisible Ink
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It is estimated that one-fifth of adults living in the U.S. have a tattoo, but along with the growing popularity of getting inked comes the regret of getting a tattoo that doesn't live up to expectations. Now according to a July 30 press release a new franchise called Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal has opened its first location in Pittsburgh. This is the first with more locations scheduled to open this year. These centers are owned and operated by TTRI, LLC of Cincinnati and will make tattoo removal easier than ever.

Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal centers

The Invisible Ink Tattoo centers are the first in a new industry category that offers an accessible, professional storefront location that focuses solely on tattoo removal using medical supervised procedures. The centers are equipped with FDA-approved PicoSure technology which is the most advanced laser technology available for tattoo removal. This technology "selectively heats, shatters and destroys ink particles with very minimal thermal effect to the surrounding skin." The results are quicker and less expensive than other conventional tattoo removal options.

“For all the reasons people choose to get tattoos, people have just as many reasons for wanting to remove them.” – Randy Swanson, chief operating officer, TTRI, LLC

In-store experience

Visiting an Invisible Ink storefront location offers customers personalized service with the convenience of online scheduling and features the convenience of evening and weekend hours. Appointments can also be made by phone. An initial consultation will outline exactly what to expect with a personalized plan. Every tattoo removal is unique and will depend on varying factors including tattoo color, placement, and skin type.

PicoSure tattoo removal technology

Using PicoSure technology, the removal of a tattoo gradually fades the tattoo and requires a series of treatments which are scheduled four to six weeks apart. Most patients see a dramatic difference after only one session, and removal often takes half the time of other laser removal technology.

“Whether the choice is to make room for a new one, start a new personal chapter or to finally address tattoo regret, Invisible Ink now makes it safe, easy and surprisingly affordable. We’re a tattoo-friendly company that offers better and faster results by using the most effective laser technology currently available for removal. We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience starting in Pittsburgh, and at every center we’ll be opening throughout the country in the coming months and years.” – Randy Swanson, chief operating officer, TTRI, LLC

The Pittsburgh center will employ five professionals, including a clinician on staff at all times. The storefront tattoo removal service is viewed as a complementary addition to the thriving Pittsburg tattoo culture.

“The vibrant cultural climate, coupled with a thriving community of numerous tattoo artists in Pittsburgh is an ideal location for Invisible Ink to introduce the latest removal technology and start its national rollout,” – Randy Swanson

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