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Tattoo parlor on the Midland Circle: Black Ball Tattoo

Black Ball Tattoo parlor in Midland
Black Ball Tattoo parlor in Midland
photo from BBT's myspace page

Black Ball Tattoo Parlor in Midland offers both tattoos and body piercings as a form of body art. These types of decorations have been around for thousands of years and are still very popular today. According to Black Ball Tattoo's myspace page, which appears to be their only "official" website, there are three artists: Jon, Nick, and Kris, and they are also currently looking to hire another experienced artist.

Black Ball Tattoo is a licensed tattoo parlor and does require that all interested customers provide valid identification prior to receiving a tattoo or piercing. Recently the age restriction was lowered to 16, provided that both the minor and a parent or guardian provide proof of age and relation/guardianship. This policy was put into effect "to coincide with piercing policies to avoid confusion and provide equal opportunities" to all potential customers. (Quoted from BBT's blog on myspace.)

According to customers, Black Ball Tattoo is a very clean, friendly business with professional and courteous employees and exceptional prices - all very important in the tattoo and piercing business.

Hours are 12:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Thursday, 12:00pm-10:00pm Friday-Saturday. The phone number is (989)-835-6672. Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome. To find more information, visit BBT's myspace page, BBT's facebook page, call, or drop by. They are located at 3126 Jefferson Ave, Midland MI 48640.