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'Tattoo Nightmares' sees the nightmare of ‘Cross and Bongs’ on Spike

Big Gus of Tattoo Nightmares did a caterpillar to save a marriage
Big Gus of Tattoo Nightmares did a caterpillar to save a marriage
Spike TV

On last night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy, the tattoo doctors had their work cut out for them in this episode titled, “Cross and Bongs.” With the huge popularity of tattoos, the influx of shops around the country has left many people with the worst tattoos; some have nearly ruined peoples’ lives, but the re-enacted stories behind them are even often more bizarre than the tattoos.

As the episode begins, Tommy is browsing through his portfolio, he remembers his first tattoo was a tribal anklet. Big Gus tells them the very first tattoo he did on a person was done with food coloring, then he went to his room and tattooed himself. Tommy tells viewers that it takes a long time to have a true understanding of the actual craft.

Tommy’s client has an old-school tattoo that is no longer appropriate for his collection. When he walks in, it is his old friend, Jim Brady, whose friendship goes back twenty years. This tattoo he wants to get rid of is a Tommy original, but time has taken most of his Celtic cross away, and Tommy realizes how little he knew back then. Tommy owes a lot to Jim and several others who he tattooed in the beginning. Tommy will most certainly redeem himself by updating the cross and strutting his stuff. When he showed Gus the new design he was doing, then the old one, Gus could not believe it was done by Tommy. Now Gus has something to hang over Tommy’s head and asked him if he did it with a paper clip?

As beautiful young woman named Lyndzee came to see Gus. She has the word Destroy across her lower abdomen, and it is destroying her relationship. Her fiance found out the real story behind the tattoo and is holding up their marriage. She wants a caterpillar smoking a hookah to symbolize the metamorphosis of her life. Gus came up with an awesome design of a pretty caterpillar that should be fine, but it is in such a sensitive area.

Jasmine had a guy named Tom come in with a bad tattoo that has him peeing in a plastic cup. Attempting to win over his father-in-law, he almost lost his job. The messed up tattoo was a heart bong, and he now knows that getting a tattoo while high, is not a good idea. As a volunteer firefighter for ten years, he would like something that symbolizes his dedication to them. She sketched a firefighter in full gear holding a hose to cover this horrible and badly scarred tattoo.

As Tommy and Jim recalled their wild times, and when they threw a tattoo party for Tommy, they all became his Guinea pigs to help launch his career. As he and his friends hung around smoking weed and drinking beer, the night went South just like the tattoos. Now Jim brags that he had one of Tommy’s first tattoos, after watching him on television; however, when he shows the cross, nobody believes it is a Tommy Helm tattoo. But they surely will believe it now.

Lyndzee tells Gus about how Destroy came to be a lasting part of her. She met a guy at a party who only spoke Spanish; he had such a large penis; the language barrier was no barrier to the wild sex they had. Later when she and her girlfriend got free tattoos, she put the word over her vagina to symbolize what a great new boyfriend she had. Only one problem; she never saw him again, but has a lasting memory. Her fiance did not know the real story, but overheard her telling her girlfriend over the phone, and the wedding has been on hold since. When she saw the adorable caterpillar, she was in tears.

When Jasmine showed Tom the awesome drawing of the fireman, he was stoked. Then he told her how the heart bong came to be. He married a daddy’s girl, and he needed to get in good with her father. He never even spoke to him, until one day he needed a freezer moved from the basement. After he moved the freezer, the father handed him a joint, and it was a bro-mance from then on, and his father-in-law gave him the tattoo. However, his job found out about it, and they put him in a drug program and nearly fired him. When he saw the fireman, he could not believe the transformation. The fireman literally looked like he was running off his back. She did an amazing job, and he could not get the smile off his face.

Now thanks to these three fantastic artists, there are three happier people who are no longer victims of their "Tattoo Nightmares."

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